Data boxes

A data box (virtual mailbox) is established for every company by operation of law, and it is used to communicate with state authorities (the financial authority, the Commercial Register, courts).

Communication via data boxes fully replaces the traditional manner of delivery of documents in written form via registered mail.

Documents sent to a data box are deemed delivered at the moment an authorized person logs in to the data box, however on the 10th day after being transmitted to the data box at the latest, even if the company does not pick up the document from the data box.

Thus, it is important to check data boxes on a regular basis.

NewCo provides the following services:

  • Regular monitoring of data boxes and pick-up of delivered documents
  • Notification of delivered documents (by phone or e-mail)
  • Dispatch of the document to the client’s e-mail
  • Translation of the documents into a foreign language

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