Purchasing a shelf company or a ready-made company

Shelf companies and ready-made companies are existing companies that have been established solely for the purpose of sale. No business activities have been carried out with these companies, and they are registered in the Commercial Register. The share capital of shelf companies and ready-made companies has been fully paid up.

Purchasing a shelf company or a ready-made company is the fastest way to start a business.

A shelf company or a ready-made company is suitable for you if:

  • you want to start your business immediately (establishment of a new company takes 4 weeks)
  • you do not have share capital

Shelf companies and ready-made companies ready for sale:

s.r.o. - limited liability companies (all companies have registered capital of CZK 200,000)*

NameIdentification numberYear of formationPriceState
MintSac Management, s.r.o.058 10 3882017EUR 1 900Order now
Cardamore Trade, s.r.o.058 10 5662017EUR 1 900Order now
Laudoline Services, s.r.o.058 07 6112017EUR 1 900Order now
Dafo Media, s.r.o.053 48 5952016EUR 1 900Order now
Tanger Services, s.r.o.053 48 7222016EUR 1 900Order now
Tasque Corporation, s.r.o.053 48 7902016EUR 1 900Order now
Crimsan Trade, s.r.o.053 48 4982016EUR 1 900Order now
Exoton Services, s.r.o.048 71 5882016EUR 1 900Order now
Exlario Management, s.r.o.048 71 0062016EUR 1 900Order now
Ademio Trade, s.r.o.048 63 3212016EUR 1 900Order now
Forsan Management, s.r.o.048 63 2672016EUR 1 900Order now
Rocona Trade, s.r.o.048 63 1862016EUR 1 900Order now
Icaron Media, s.r.o.048 63 0712016EUR 1 900Order now
Fireton Media s.r.o.047 29 7652016EUR 1 900Order now
Dallons Trade s.r.o.038 76 0712015EUR 1 900Order now
Tillena Services s.r.o.038 67 2262015EUR 1 900Order now
Chantelle Services s.r.o.035 93 3392014EUR 1 900Order now
Incon Management s.r.o.035 85 9132014EUR 1 900Order now
Lardon Investments, s.r.o.028 21 5832014EUR 1 900Order now
Dewonton Media, s.r.o.028 21 5242014EUR 1 900Order now
Rosemore Trade, s.r.o.027 16 9762014EUR 1 900Order now
Highdron Trade, s.r.o.027 16 2592014EUR 1 900Order now
Stiltona Trade, s.r.o.027 07 5862014EUR 1 900Order now
Calcon Investments, s.r.o.026 93 6072014EUR 1 900Order now
Brightone Trade, s.r.o.025 54 1862014EUR 1 900Order now
Finwen Consulting, s.r.o.025 46 4512014EUR 1 900Order now
BRISQUE Consulting, s.r.o.242 30 2272012EUR 1 900Order now
Caluna Trade, s.r.o.027 21 3682014EUR 1 900Reserved

*The price for companies is valid when ordering a registered office for the next two years. Without ordering a registered office, the price is increased by 190 EUR.

a.s. - joint stock companies

NameIdentification numberYear of formationPriceState
Winrot Invest, a.s.058 11 1472017EUR 7 500Reserved
Revena Invest, a.s.056 15 2242016EUR 7 500Order now

SE - European companies

NameIdentification numberYear of formationPriceState
Arylide Investment, SE061 69 1042017EUR 8 300Order now
Chamoisse Capital, SE061 68 8922017EUR 8 300Order now
Platinum Invest, SE055 58 9212016EUR 8 300Order now

The prices include all fees and comprehensive services connected with the purchase of a shelf company or a ready-made company or with establishment of a new tailor-made company:

  • initial consultation
  • execution of the necessary documents and their revision by lawyers
  • establishment of a company by a notarial deed or transfer of a company and changes to its statutory bodies
  • free trade licence
  • entry of the company or its changes in the Commercial Register
  • all necessary extracts (from the criminal register and real estate register)
  • notarization of signatures
  • all fees and remuneration of a notary public