Services for foreigners

Obtaining visas or residence permits in the Czech Republic is a complicated and administratively demanding procedure with uncertain result - there is no legal title to obtain a visa or residence permit, even if all conditions are met.

Thanks to our long-term experience with immigration issues, we are able to effectively guide our clients through the whole procedure and maximize the chances of obtaining a visa or residence permit.

NewCo provides free of charge to each client initial consultation in order to evaluate the chances of obtaining a visa or residence permit.

Visas and residence permits can be granted for the purpose of:

  • doing business - we can provide companies to our clients or assistance in obtaining trade licences
  • employment - we can assist our clients in obtaining work permits, green cards or blue cards
  • studies
  • scientific research
  • bringing a family together

NewCo offers services in the following areas:

  • visas - short term and long term
  • residence permits
  • business licences (a company or a trade licence)
  • work permits
  • green cards
  • blue cards
  • permanent residence
  • citizenship

We also intermediate advice in doing business or labour law issues for our clients.

Please note that NewCo does not send invitation letters for visa application. Instead, we can form the company remotely and you then apply for a business visa directly, based on this company. Alternatively, you can apply for a tourist visa.

NewCo also cannot help you with finding accommodation or a residence address – please contact a real estate agent or look on Accommodation in Czech or Accommodation in English for an apartment. Use Google translate for the Czech sections, since there are much less apartments listed in the English section. However, we can provide a registered office and virtual office services for your company.

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