Limited liability company s.r.o.

A limited liability company (s.r.o.) is a simple company with the lowest costs of establishment and operation.

A shareholder (owner) of an s.r.o. can be any person. An s.r.o. can have unlimited number of shareholders.

The assets of a s.r.o. and its shareholders are separated, and shareholders are not liable for the debts of an s.r.o. (if the share capital is fully paid-up, which is the case for all our shelf companies and ready-made companies).

Consequently, there is no risk that shareholders would bear the business risk of their company, and should the business plans of the company fail, the shareholders are not liable for the debts of the company.

With riskier business plans, we recommend establishing an SPV (individual company) that is created solely for implementation of the plans.

Advantages of an s.r.o.:

  • the simplest and cheapest type of company
  • transparent ownership structure
  • only one executive required

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