European Company SE

A European Company (SE) is a prestigious European type company that allows the company to fully develop its business activities throughout the European Union. The abbreviation “SE” comes from the Latin term “Societas Europaea”.

An SE is governed by European law and the laws of the EU country in which the company has its registered office.

As opposed to national-type companies (for example, s.r.o. or a.s.), an SE is very advantageous in that its registered office may be freely moved from the country in which it was established to any other EU country. This means that, if it is more beneficial in the future due to the legal or tax systems or economic conditions of another EU country (for example, Cyprus), the company may move to that country and take full advantage of the common EU market.

Any person may be a shareholder (owner) of an SE, and the number of shareholders is unlimited.

However, the process of establishing an SE requires an international element. So the founder of a new SE cannot only be, for example, a private individual, a limited-liability company, or a joint-stock company. Click here for more information on the process of establishing an SE.

We offer our clients the unique opportunity to establish tailor-made SEs according to their needs, including the option of paying up the registered capital on behalf of the client in the amount of EUR 120 000. For the purpose of establishing an SE, we provide clients with Czech and foreign entities. After entering the new SE in the commercial register, we transfer 100% of the SE’s shares to the client.

An SE is established in the following way:

  • The client provides us with all of its requirements for an SE, such as the name of the SE, the registered office, the internal structure of the SE, the number of members for boards and statutory bodies, how they will function, etc.
  • We establish the SE according to the client’s instructions – the founders of the SE will be Czech and foreign entities from the NewCo group.
  • If requested by the client, we can offer the option of paying up the registered capital for the newly founded SE.
  • We arrange all of the SE’s business licences and authorisations.
  • We file a proposal for entering the SE in the commercial register.
  • Immediately after entering the new SE in the commercial register, we transfer all shares of the newly founded SE to the client.

Advantages of an SE:

  • International image
  • Prestigious European type company
  • Option of moving the SE’s registered office anywhere in the EU (e.g. to Cyprus)
  • Flexible legal and tax systems thanks to the option of relocating the SE’s registered office
  • Anonymity of the ownership structure
  • Transfer of shares without formalities
  • Only two persons is needed to establish the company’s bodies
  • Simple system for the management and administration of the SE

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